On December 14, SolarWinds filed a Form 8-K disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is used to inform shareholders of publicly held corporations of events that may impact the value of the stock, in relation to the reported intrusion activity. The filing does not provide any…


Just like any other organization, ICS/SCADA is not free from cybersecurity attacks. In fact, this is the most dangerous among other compared to others. It does not just damage the organization’s reputation or implicates financial impact but lives — Cyber Kinetic. …

One day, a recruiter phoned me for a possible opportunity in a US-based banking corporation to fill-up a position as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst. He mentioned that this is an additional headcount to complement their Threat Hunting team.

I paused for a while then asked him what is the…

Art Rebultan

Cyber-security is not a Job, calling!

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